Artist Spotlight Vol.1

Cool Cats
5 min readSep 24, 2021

Artist Spotlight Volume 1 🔦

The NFT space can feel like the wild west sometimes — new projects popping up every day, so many skilled artists with so many styles, how can one possibly keep track of them all!

In an effort to highlight some of our favorite talented and emerging artists in the NFT space — we’ve decided to team up with a handful of them and create some awesome additions to our Collabs Collections! Check out all of their work!! 👇

The Technical ⚙️

We took a snapshot of all Cool Cat holders on Sept. 20 at 8:25 AM EST — capturing a total of 4557 unique wallets. There are a total of 10 different pieces (shown above), being dropped in this collection and every wallet captured in the snapshot will receive one of the 10 pieces.

The Artists 🎨

The five artists featured in our first spotlight are:

CFW | Collection Links

SuperNFTY | Opensea Collection

SKULLX | Website with Collection Links

Yuwa23 | SuperRare Collection

Pixelhans of @cartladsnft @teamnakednft | Opensea Collection

These artists have a variety of styles, ranging from pixel art, to motion design, and 3D design, but there is one thing they have in common — they all have an insane amount of talent! We are more than happy to be able to add their works into our Cool Cats Collab collection and also to shine a light on other artists in the NFT space who are kicking some serious butt.

We also picked their brains a bit so we could get to know more about their artistic processes, their favorite Cool Cat traits, and their views on the NFT space in general. Let’s check it out!

SuperNFTY | When did you start creating art and why?

I’ve loved drawing and doodling ever since I was a small child. I never really took art seriously, because of the starving artist stereotype, but somehow I always came back to it. In a highly competitive world full of flashy distractions, creating something ‘just for the sake of creating’ makes me feel at peace. Nothing gets me in a flow-state like doodling something on Procreate or sculpting a toy in VR. Basically, I just want to show the world what I think is cool, by creating that cool thing.

CFW | How has the NFT world/ the internet impacted how you feel about art?

I never imagined that I could sell my art — I couldn’t in the real world, let alone the internet. To be honest, I still can’t believe it. Very surreal, this space. I’ve never felt this good, waking up every morning, getting back into such a dope community of artists & collectors, hanging out, selling, and buying art.

Yuwa23 | — When did you start creating art and why?

I started making art when I was around 13 years old. At first, I never thought that I would be an artist for a living. I always loved technology, so when I was a kid I wanted to become a programmer. but one day I found out about Photoshop and was having a blast playing with it. From then on, I continued to learn more about art. And my love for technology actually helped to shape me into what I became today. With 3D animation, I could finally combine art and technology.

Pixelhans | Where do you find inspiration for your art and how did you come up with your current project?

My main inspiration for my art never really changed! It was video games when I was a kid and its video games even today :D I came up with cartlads because i created and posted some animated pixel cartridges some years ago and people really seemed to like them, so I made them into an NFT project!

SKULLX | When did you start creating art and why?

I started doodling since I was a kid, mostly influenced by my mother who illustrates storybooks and my father who loves games. He used to play a lot of Diablo and I loved watching those cool graphics. That was the coolest thing in the world for me at that time. Of course, he constantly shooed me away because that game is obviously not for kids. So I decided to draw my own Diablo instead! My mother wasn’t so happy about that, but helped me make art which ended up being my career.

And now for the most important questions…

What’s your favorite Cool Cats trait?

SuperNFTY | I love the three eyes + antlers combo. It makes me feel all mythical inside. I was staring at one a while back when it was listed for about 1 Eth. Regrets…

CFW | Definitely, the Combat suit paired up with the ditto face, cracks me up every time. It’s such a cute & quirky combination.

Yuwa23 | I love the TV Heads. the possibility of TV heads is just endless.

Pixelhans | I love the Frog/Gorilla costumes, since I like to put people in cute animal costumes too in my art :D

SKULLX | The horns of course. What could be cooler than a cat with bada** horns! I also love all the epaulets, I remember spending the whole day looking at cats and sending bids to them. Mummy faces and Punk shirts are super cool too! I just love all the traits, every one of them is cute and cool

We hope you enjoyed learning and seeing a bit more about these awesome artists — this is just Volume 1 of the Artist Spotlights so we’ll be back again!