Cool Cats 72 Hour Puzzle Giveaway

The weekend is here! What better way to kick off some weekend fun than to play a game?

We are releasing four riddles in total, increasing in difficulty as the game progresses

The Schedule

  1. August 7th 3:00pm EST — First clue drops. Tweet Here.
  2. August 7th 8:00pm EST — Second clue drops. Tweet Here.
  3. August 8th 3:00pm EST — Third clue drops. Tweet Here.
  4. August 8th 8:00pm EST — Fourth clue drops. Tweet Here.

By the time you have solved these riddles you will have all the answers needed to enter the giveaway.

To have a chance of winning the giveaway, you must assemble a final phrase formed by the previous answers to the four clues.

On Monday, August 9th at 3:00 PM EST we’ll drop a link to a google survey for you to submit your final answer. This will close 24 hours later on August 10th at 3:00pm.

Submitting Your Final Answer

Once the survey is closed we will collect answers for 12 hours. Correct answers will be added to the giveaway pool and we will SPIN THE WHEEL.

Six cats in total are available to win. Three cats will go to non Cool Cat holders, and three will be designated for Cool Cat holders.

1 entrance per person, first submission will be taken as your answer — additional submissions will be ignored.



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