Cool Cats 72 Hour Puzzle Giveaway

The weekend is here! What better way to kick off some weekend fun than to play a game?

We are releasing four riddles in total, increasing in difficulty as the game progresses

The Schedule

  1. August 7th 8:00pm EST — Second clue drops. Tweet Here.
  2. August 8th 3:00pm EST — Third clue drops. Tweet Here.
  3. August 8th 8:00pm EST — Fourth clue drops. Tweet Here.

By the time you have solved these riddles you will have all the answers needed to enter the giveaway.

To have a chance of winning the giveaway, you must assemble a final phrase formed by the previous answers to the four clues.

On Monday, August 9th at 3:00 PM EST we’ll drop a link to a google survey for you to submit your final answer. This will close 24 hours later on August 10th at 3:00pm.

Submitting Your Final Answer

Six cats in total are available to win. Three cats will go to non Cool Cat holders, and three will be designated for Cool Cat holders.

1 entrance per person, first submission will be taken as your answer — additional submissions will be ignored.

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