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3 min readAug 9, 2021

There has been a lot of speculation about the Cool Cats stance on derivative works and copycat projects, so let’s take a few minutes to explain everything.

Updated — 21/11/2021 14:54pm GMT

We found some people were misunderstanding the previous version of this article (detailed at the bottom of this article), so we decided to make some edits to clarify our position.

Key Points

Let’s break some key points down:

Q: Is Cool Cats affiliated with projects like Neon Cats, Lil Baby Cool Cats, Flipped Cats, etc?
A: No

Q: Are projects allowed to repurpose existing Cool Cat assets?
A: No

Q: Will Cool Cats issue takedown notice to projects that use our likeness, name, branding and IP?
A: Yes

Q: By reporting them, could you lose money?
A: Yes

Q: Are we prepared to work with derivative projects in order to ensure they don’t get delisted?
A: Yes

Q: How best to contact Cool Cats to start working together?

We are very proud of Cool Cats. Not only do we have one the best communities in the NFT space — yes I mean you. We also have some amazing artwork that clon has spent the last 10 years developing. But even more so, it is our responsibility to protect the rights of all Cool Cats owners

Commissioned Works

If you are creating commissioned works and have contacted the owner of the cat, there is no issue. Our licensing allows for that.

Larger Scale Derivative Projects

If you wish to create a generative project that is based on Cool Cats in any way, I urge you to please contact us first. Any project that could be mistaken as a Cool Cat collab or works will inherently carry some air of trust. Sadly because rug pulls are a thing, we will have to vet you and your intended use for our works.

Leveraging the Cool Cats Name, Brand, Works

If your project intends to leverage the Cool Cat name and or brand, please contact us. Even granting Cool Cats whitelist counts as utilizing the Cool Cats brand and name. As such we will do whatever is required to protect the NFT community and our works.

Moving Forward

As Cool Cats grows we would ideally love to work closely with the whole NFT space and use our position to help new developers, artists, and of course all you lovely Cool Cats.

Final Word

Just to add an important point of clarity, nothing in this article is allowing, granting, or licensing anyone to use Cool Cats IP in their own projects or any other purpose.

If you are in any doubt please contact us

Our NFT license as held by Cool Cat owners can be found here:

Old Version — Archive

For archiving reasons, we have posted screenshots of the previous version. For our stance on derivatives please refer to the sections above.

old version — here for achieving reasons
old version — here for achieving reasons
old version — here for achieving reasons