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4 min readAug 26, 2022

By now you’ve probably heard quite a lot of chatter regarding the Cool Cats Council, and you’d be forgiven for wondering exactly what that is. Well, in order to put your curious minds at ease, we put together this article to explain what it is, and what you expect as a member.

At Cool Cats, one of our main goals has always been the nurturing of a healthy community. It is important for us to not only deliver content and utility that our holders deserve, but also allow them to be a part of specific initiatives going forward. The Cool Cats Council allows us to do that, bridging the gap between internal team efforts, and our supportive network of NFT holders.

For the past few months, we’ve been searching near and far for dedicated community members to take under our… paws? To become a part of the Council. But what sounds like an extremely formal job prospect is actually a lot more chill — just hear us out.

What does the Council do?

Biweekly, we’ll call a council meeting, where council members will meet with the Cool Cats community team, and select members of the leadership team, to discuss specific agendas. These agendas will be determined by current affairs, and positioned by whoever calls the meeting. An example of the agendas that we might want to cover are things like:

  • Does (certain strategy) work for the Jo drop?
  • Should we stop MILK production on the game?
  • Do you think we should keep doing small community activities like puzzles or focus on the bigger picture?
  • What has been the most enjoyable part of Cool Cats from your perspective?

Once discussed, all feedback will be relayed internally and any necessary changes will be made. There’s no promise that everything will be actioned, as it usually is with most forms of feedback, but the Cool Cats team will onboard Council advice whenever possible.

What will my responsibilities be?

The responsibilities of council members are actually quite relaxed. Being a member of the council is more for those who want to help direct Cool Cats towards the best possible future.

There is no obligation to attend every meeting, nor is there any expectation for you to make critical decisions if you don’t want to, we just value your honest feedback as a respected member of our community. You’d also be welcome to voicing your honest opinions in private, if that is something that would be better for you.

Other than that, there are some other important duties that we ask you to take on:

  • Help inform us of your opinions as community members and council members on a specific subject.
  • Engage in the meetings in a respectful and helpful manner.
  • Adhere to the non disclosure agreement you have signed, not revealing any of the council meeting information outside of it.

It’s really as simple as that.

Is there anything else I should know?

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the Council, so we’ve done our best to answer some of those below:

Q. What kinds of decisions with the council assist leadership in making?

A. Council decisions might range from the exploration of new utility and features, to highlighting the areas in which we can improve. A lot of this will include the gathering of feedback on existing and proposed utility and features. All-in-all, council members are there to aid in the development of Cool Cats.

Q. Will council members be able to bring specific grievances or issues to leadership?

A. Yes, but that won’t be the main focus of the meetings. So, when we have to, we’ll try to stick to raised agendas.

Q. Who will be running the council meetings?
A. All of the sessions will be chaired by a member of the Cool Cats team, and will follow a predetermined agenda. Whilst the team members are there to engage in the discussions, they will also be there to ensure that the council doesn’t stray too far from the session goals.

Q. Will there be minutes taken for those who can’t attend certain meetings?
A. We reserve the right to record the council meetings, so that the discussions can be reviewed internally, and by council members whenever necessary.

Q. Will the leadership team and founders be present at council meetings?
A. This isn’t guaranteed, but they’ll attend meetings where their presence makes sense, and may drop in time-to-time.

For now, that’s it — the Cool Cats Council in a nutshell. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team members.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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