Cool Cats Have Checked into Habbo

Cool Cats
3 min readSep 19, 2022


Cool Cats are checking into Habbo! This partnership offers an array of perks and benefits for Cool Cats and Pets holders, starting with Cool Cats clothing, backpacks and a badge, which go live today. We’ve packed our bags and checked in — now it’s time for you to do the same.

What is Habbo?

Habbo is one of the world’s longest-running internet-based games. With over 21 years of history, 18,000+ unique items, an iconic art style, a growing list of NFTs and associated integrations, and a passionate and active community, Habbo is a bustling, vibrant, sandbox-style hub and hangout.

What’s Available to All Holders?

Today we open the doors to the Cool Cats Room in Habbo, as well as release fun in-game items for all holders, including Cool Cats clothing, backpacks, and a badge. Stay tuned for special Cool Cats furniture NFTs to be announced in early October.

Please note that in-game utility for the Cool Cats community is only available via the Habbo desktop app and web browser (wallet functionality is not supported on the Habbo mobile app).

Did Someone Say “Cool Cats Party?”

Our partnership includes the perfect place for the Cool Cats and Cool Pets to party, and we’re calling it the Cool Cats Room. This exclusive social space is accessible to any holder of Cool Cats or Cool Pets.

How Do Holders Access Perks?

Access perks and in-game items by connecting your wallet to the Habbo website. We’ve included a brief step-by-step guide for you below.

To get access to Habbo:

  1. Go to (Desktop App is recommended for a seamless experience. Wallet functionality is not available on Mobile App as of yet)
  2. Create your account here if you don’t already have one
  3. Log in
  4. Once logged in, you can connect your wallet (please ensure that a qualifying Cool Cats or Cool Pets NFT is in your wallet) by clicking on your Profile > Settings > Connect Metamask Wallet. Please note that in order to access Cool Cats in-game utility, your wallet must be connected.

To enter the Cool Cats Room:

1. Enter the game

2. On the main screen, click the icon below and select any room

3. Once in a room, type the following ID into the chat bar at the bottom of the screen to be teleported to the Cool Cats Room — :roomid 78421775

To Access In-game Items:

  1. Click the menu on the bottom left corner and select “Looks.” From here, you can select from different categories to update your look with Cool Cat items, including a Cool Cats shirt, backpacks, and a Cool Cats mask (accessible through the “hat” category).

Video tutorials below:

For more information about gameplay and tutorials visit:

If you’re looking to enjoy more of Habbo, consider heading over to their Discord. Cool Cats and Cool Pets holders who connect to will get a special role on the Habbo server, which comes with separate channels and premium in-game support.

Cool, right?

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