Cool Cats July — August Roadmap

Cool Cats
4 min readJul 18, 2021

Please bear in mind, plans are subject to change.

We have our roadmap planned out but something big might happen that results in roadmap delays. This could happen for both good and bad reasons.

Imagine if Disney contacted us for a cartoon series. I’m pretty sure the community would favor that over the naming system — I could be wrong.

Community Outreach

Throughout all our monthly roadmaps we will endeavor to help the outer community as much as we can. You can expect regular donations to charity and causes.

We also plan to create free tools/assets to help where possible. Imagine friendly, free to print at home Cool Cat images that could be used to help children express their emotions or communicate their thoughts.

Not everyone can afford professional help in tough situations and we want to help.

Mid/Late July — First Official Cool Cats Airdrop

The first official airdrop for Cool Cat holders.

Bit of a surprise so I won’t drop any more info about this :)

Late July — Ghxst AirDrop

The full details of this airdrop are yet to be announced.

We can tell you that it runs deeper than you might first imagine.

August — Work starts on diversifying Cool Cats

In order to help solidify our foundations, we are planning to diversify Cool Cats beyond NFTs and crypto.

Lynqoid and xtremetom have 30+ years of experience, building sites and services. We will be utilizing this knowledge base to create numerous sites and services that will help to raise awareness and finances for Cool Cats and the community.

As we progress, expect to see announcements asking the community if they would like to help out.

August — Work starts on the Cool Cats Metaverse

Places like The Sandbox Game are still in beta, with the projected opening time being late 2021/2022.

I don’t want to give away too much about our plans as much is still being decided. But, Cool Cats will be appearing in a metaverse near you.

August Airdrops

Of course, we have airdrops planned for August. But in all honesty, I think it would kill the excitement if we listed each and every one in advance. Plus, we will likely have some pop up that we didn’t plan for — you never know.

Early August — Launch of Merch Store

You have all seen the new merch and I’m sure you wanna get your furry paws on it. As of early August, we will have the store all done and dusted.

Early August — Naming System

To start off, the community seems very split on this utility.

Cool Cats that were part of the community for the cats and the fun were excited to add whimsical names.

Traders and flippers feared the names would be permanent and tank the value of cats. They saw this happen with other projects and immediately rejected the idea based on the previous project’s implementation.

Luckily Cool Cats had some unique plans and implementation.

Naming Functionality

  • Only child-safe names
  • Only unique names
  • No caps shifting eg: Clon vs cLon vs cloN
  • Allows characters: aA to zZ and space
  • Small fee (+gas) to name a cat — goes to Cool Cats development
  • Free (+gas) to burn a name
  • Transfer names between cats that you own — free (+gas)
  • Triple verification process. Client and contract (check for allowed characters), admin (checks for inappropriate names)

Naming Market

We aren’t creating a name market, the mere existence of the names will create a natural market.

You might find a cat called ‘Double O Meow’, a clear James Bond reference, but it’s on a cat that looks nothing like James Bond. Wait, you happen to own a rather dapper-looking cat that could pull the name off.

You transfer the names and suddenly you have a James Bond-style cat with a James Bond-style name — does this increase value? Only the community can decide.

Early/Mid August — Paper Cats

We always wanted to create a system to help new people understand NFTs, but the final puzzle pieces came from a late-night idea session with the Cool Cats community on our discord.

Paper Cats NFT

The idea is to create an NFT with zero value. We don’t want whales trying to snatch up the whole populate and shooting the price beyond the reach of the target audience.

Token Features

  • Infinite population — yes infinite
  • Extremely limited traits, basically just a background change so we can teach people how to filter traits on Opensea.
  • A small fee (+ gas) so we can teach people about prices and gas — fee goes to Cool Cats development

Paper Cats Web Pages

Here we will do our best to explain how NFTs work and educate people in a clear and colorful way.

We will also include links to other NFTs so people can explore the NFT sphere from one place without fear of getting sucked into a scam.

Late August — Banner Creator

Lots of people have been kindly creating custom Twitter banners for members of the Cool Cat community. We have contacted all of them (I hope) and asked if they would be ok with us automating the process via a banner builder linked to the blockchain.

We wouldn’t want to step on any toes, and if anyone objected, we were going to scrap the idea.

They all loved the idea and are in full support.

Banner Builder Features

  • Connect your wallet and use cats you own
  • Select different backgrounds and assets (hearts, emojis, various Clon drawn stuff)
  • Select assets from featured artists
  • Small fee (+ gas) — goes to Cool Cats development
  • Create infinite banners