Cool Cats Originals NFT Drops

The Cool Cats Originals will include a variety of styles, themes and aesthetics — which will be designed by the Cool Cats team (mostly Clon and ELU with appearances by Tom and Lynq as well!)

Yep, the coders will also be creating some artwork for the drops — should be interesting.

Our aim with Cool Cats originals is to create a growing collection of fun, quirky and limited drops as a means to give back to our holders and also grow our NFT catalogue by introducing this secondary collection outside of our primary one.

While it sounds nice to have every Cool Cat holder receive an Originals NFT drop every time we deploy one — we believe doing limited run drops are healthier as to not saturate our Originals collection, additionally having a smaller supply in circulation also adds value to our primary Cool Cats NFT Collection.

We initially considered doing these Originals drops weekly, but bi-weekly drops are a healthier rate of introducing new pieces to the Originals collection and are more conducive to not saturating the collection.

How do limited airdrops work?

The way the Originals drops work is we take a snapshot of all Cool Cats NFT holders before the drop.

There are many different ways to use the snapshot to select who should receive a drop (free NFT) and they can vary wildly, getting completed very quickly. We also need to be wary of using methods that are easy to game.

We understand that you will want to know what methodology we are using to pick addresses, as such, each drop will be accompanied by a full explanation. However, it is worth noting that we will likely change methods from drop to drop in an effort to circumvent any cheaters (users having multiple entries).


Remember the drops are limited. We might drop 300 tokens in one drop and 100 in the next and with a current holder count of 3.2k, not everyone will get something.

You can also think of airdrop as a kind of raffle. There might be 3.2k tickets but there can only be 300 winners (just an example).

Airdrops are unfair! — I own a cat, I should win!!

Of course, everyone likes to be a winner, but in the world of airdrops, there are no real losers. I know that sounds counterintuitive but consider the following.

If our airdrops are exclusive, that means more people will want to buy Cool Cats because they want a chance to win something. As more people buy cats, the price for all cats will rise.

Airdrops basically make your cat more valuable — pretty cool.

Still confused?

There is a lot of jargon in crypto and NFTs, but fear not, if you are still confused just head over to our discord and ask one of the team or mods for help. We are more than happy to answer all your questions. Just bear in mind that we get flooded with questions on a daily basis, so a response might be a little slow — but you will get a response :)

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