Cool Comic #2: Casting Call

Cool Cats
3 min readOct 13, 2022
Cool Comic #2 Casting Call

- You could have your Cool Cat featured in our next Comic
- You must own a Cool Cat to enter the raffle
- 10k $MILK per entry
- 20 total winners
- 10 Cool Cats chosen to be featured in Cool Comic #2, and other prizes
- 20 low-serial airdrops
- Pet holder raffle coming soon

Important Dates:
Entries Open: 10/13/2022 12PM ET
Entries Close: 10/17/2022 12PM ET
Winners Announced: 10/18/2022 12PM ET

Calling All Cool Cats

With the remains of Tepnu’s ship safely cleared away, and the wave of joy caused by the first Cool Comic still lingering, it’s time to bring our attention to Cool Comic #2. We’re giving Cool Cats a chance to be featured within its very pages. To do this, we’re hosting a $MILK raffle that will have 20 total winners, with prizes up for grabs:

10 — Entries selected for incorporation into Cool Comic #2, free low-serial airdrop for Cool Comics #2, and a special Discord role.

10 — Low-serial airdrop of Cool Comics #2.

Important: Due to the content of Cool Comic #2, this raffle is exclusive to Cool Cats holders. We will be doing a different raffle in the near future for Cool Pet holders, so keep saving up your $MILK!

How Will It Work?

We’ll be running this giveaway as a raffle, making it completely fair to all those who choose to get involved. Each entry into the raffle will cost 10,000 $MILK, and is available for purchase in the Meowpad.

Upon purchasing, you will be asked to select a Cat ID, which will be the Cool Cat that you are nominating to feature in Cool Comic #2. Entries will be token-gated, but you’re welcome to purchase raffle entries for other Cool Cats if that’s your style. You can also enter as many times as your $MILK supply allows.

Entries will require an accompanying Discord ID, which will be necessary should you win one of the 10 special Discord roles that are up-for-grabs. Entries cannot be changed, transferred or sold, so please make sure you’re happy with the Cat you select.

Due to the extra inputs required upon raffle entry, we are unable to use our existing $MILK raffle system. Instead, we are using our tried and tested $MILK action system, which is similar to the one that we used for banner sales. For transparency, we’ll publish all entries into a CSV file on our Discord, so you’ll be able to see who else entered, as well as their nominated Cool Cat.

Raffle winners will have their selected Cat featured in Cool Comic #2. The Cool Cats team will cast voice actors (if applicable), and Cats will not necessarily be named in line with their ownership (or at all). The selection of these characters does not entitle winners or Cool Cats holders to any royalties or any financial benefits outside of the prizes listed above.

- No wallet limit for entries.
- The same cat may be entered multiple times.
- Only 1 winner per wallet address. If the same wallet wins twice, the second entry will be disqualified and an alternate will be chosen.
- Winning cats are non-transferable and cannot be modified.
- Awards are for prizes as described and no other financial benefits are implied or intended (i.e. this is not a royalty use of the NFTs).

Are you ready for a cool adventure?