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3 min readJan 11, 2023
Cool Comic 2: The Wind Disaster with Jo and Ardi

With the incredible success of our first installation, we’re proud to reveal the second book in the Cool Comic: CATaclysm series, The Wind Disaster with Jo and Ardi. This comic was airdropped to all Comic 1 holders for free on Christmas Day as a surprise gift to our community.

Cool Comic 2 was revealed yesterday, unpacking the adventures of Jo and Ardi. To read the full story, connect your wallet to Cooltopia and find it in the Meowpad.

As with the first comic, Comic 2 will be available for physical claims. The window to claim physical copies of Cool Comic 2 is now open and will close on Feb 8 at 11:59PM ET.

To claim your physical copy of Comic 2:

Step 1: Head to the Cool Comics physical claiming page in our store

Step 2: Connect your wallet holding your copy of Cool Comic 2

Step 3: Find the cover matching your comic rarity

Step 4: Select “Redeem with NFT”

Step 5: Follow the instructions to redeem your physical comic book

Step 6: Process shipping to finalize your order

*Please note: Only one comic type may be claimed at a time. Complete the checkout process for each comic individually prior to claiming additional comics. Claimant is responsible for shipping fees. A shipping fee refund form is provided for everyone claiming more than one physical copy. All comics will be shipped at the end of the claiming period, ending Feb 8.

Additionally, the metadata on your NFTs will automatically update to reflect the redemption of all physical claims. This process will not burn your NFT.

Comic 1 Recap:

We learned several valuable lessons from the first release and used those take-aways to fine-tune the user experience for the second installation.

First, Cool Comics delivered on its primary promise — to provide a vehicle for the exploration of storytelling content, and to dive deeper into our lore than we ever have. The introduction of Tepnu and the Kritten went down as a treat, and we were excited to distribute the storyline in an entertaining way with our YouTube animation and physical comic books.

A total of 1,400 physical Cool Comics were distributed, along with chrome-holos graded by CGC — a number of them scoring an impressive 9.8. We hid a few fun surprises inside the Comics and had the pleasure of seeing everyone post them across social media.

What’s Changed for Comic 2?

Here are a few of our main takeaways from Comic 1, and how we’re looking to change things as we move forward:

Fulfillment Challenges

Orders for physical copies of Comic 1 were fulfilled on a rolling basis by our Comic manufacturer who worked to deliver above their usual capacity, leading to a few minor issues regarding the distribution dates and timely customer feedback. To avoid similar fulfillment difficulties, we will be taking over distribution for Comic 2 with support from our established fulfillment partners and their robust delivery system.

Signed Copies

While this was something that we were excited to offer for Comic 1, we soon realized that the combination of grading, authentication, and logistics made this more challenging than we initially anticipated. We ultimately held off on offering this for Comic 1, and will be re-evaluating this as we move forward with each new comic installation.

Shipping Costs

For Comic 1, all physical comics were shipped from the US, putting our EU holders at a disadvantage. This time around, we’ll be shipping from the UK and the US to help lower shipping costs. This should lighten the lift for the majority of our holders.

Token-gated Merch

While we delighted in designing token-gated merch related to Comic 1, we’re refocusing our efforts on other merch projects that we believe will drive more value for our community. Stay tuned for new items!

What’s to Come?

2023 will be heavily focused on delivering the story of Blue Cat and sharing how he navigates the world of Cooltopia. We will be introducing new storytelling formats to help you explore Cooltopia like never before.

In terms of what’s next for the CATaclysm series? We will release the final two comics of this series by the end of this year, including the series-end burn, so make sure you hold onto a set!

See you around Cooltopia!