Cool Comics: What You Need to Know

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6 min readSep 2, 2022

The Cool Cats team are excited to officially announce one of our next adventures, and it’s a real page-turner. We’re calling it Cool Comics, and it’s going to bring excitement, entertainment and even more inclusivity to the Cool Cats Brand.

If you caught our Town Hall on August 26th, you’ll already be well-informed on our plans — but this article will lay things out for you, helping you to turn the pages, if you will.

Why Comics?

Before digging into the specifics, it’s important to make note of WHY we wanted to release a comic series. It can sometimes feel like an NFT marketing buzzword, and something that projects put on their roadmaps just to fill out blank space. But it was never like that for us. It has been pretty clear from the beginning that comics could be part of our strategy long-term, after all, that’s how it started with Clon and The Catoonist.

Creating a comic series gives us a great opportunity to expand the visual element of Cool Cats, beyond the static artwork. The Cool Comics will be the perfect launchpad for more animated content; especially given the current depth of the Cooltopia ecosystem, something that we’re excited to flesh out even more.

The first instance of this will be an animated version of the comic; which will be the perfect vehicle into other similar content, which we’ll use to characterize our Youtube channel. We really see this as being a huge step for Cool Cats, and not just a comic book.

Is it just a one-time thing?

No, we’ll be releasing more than one Cool Comic, and doing so in more than one series.

Each series of comics gives us a chance to dive deeper into our lore than we ever have, and explore the crucial element of world-building. Each of the comics will be released as a part of a larger storyline, and each storyline will have its own roadmap. Doing things in this way means that the fun doesn’t stop with the comic, and gives us much more to offer to you all. With each comic comes exclusive merch, and chances for rewards.

The first Cool Comic series starts with The CATaclysm, which comes in four parts. The CATaclysm will detail seemingly separate storylines, which will all come together in the following series. This maximizes the opportunity to explore our lore, introduce new characters, and cover events from across Cooltopia. Each storyline, and subsequent comic, will be individually exciting as well as being a part of something much bigger.

How does it work?

Our Comic drops will only be made available to holders of Cool Cats/Cool Pets NFTs, as well as any future NFTs released under the Cool Cats name. Each comic will have a fixed maximum number of editions, and will therefore be available on a first-come first-served basis. The NFT’s will be ERC-721’s, on Ethereum.

Getting your paws on one will require you to head to the Cool Cats official website; simply access the meowpad, select ‘Comic Drop’ and action the following two steps:

Step 1 — Burn MILK to activate the ETH minting function, we will cover the matic txn fee for this.
Step 2 — Mint the NFT, you will have to be connected to Ethereum Network and pay gas.
If you already completed step 1, step 2 is guaranteed, so there’s no rush.

We will release more information on minting limits and cost closer to the time in the form of a minting guide, so keep an eye out for that.

What will they look like?

Your NFT will feature a version of the comic book cover — which comes in 5 different rarities. The NFT reveal will take place one week after mint, when you’ll be able to see which version of the comic that you’ve minted. The versions that you might come across are as shown below:

Cool, right?

But there’s more! We’ve lined-up some of our deliverables to mirror the version of the comic that you mint. What that means is that SOME of our utilities will be just as rare as the comics variations themselves, and only available to those that hold the NFT counterpart.

What sort of redeemables will there be?

Come on, you thought we were going to leave you hanging? That wouldn’t be very cool of us, would it?

Digital Comic

The first utility is, of course, the digital comic itself. This will be made available through the meowpad for anyone that holds a Cat/Pet and a Cool Comic. It’s important to remember that we’re not just offering a new NFT here — there is an exciting storyline behind each one, something that we’ve worked really hard to put together.

As long as you have a Cat/Pet and a Comic, you’ll be able to view the digital version of the comic indefinitely.

Physical Comic

The exciting thing about offering a comic is that we’re able to merge the innovation of digital collectibles with a more classic format. Our physical comics are a way of bringing those two things together. Physical comics will match their digital counterparts (specifically, the cover variations), and will be free to claim.

Please note: holders will have to pay for the shipping, and the physical copies won’t be numbered. Claiming the physical copies will only be available for 30 days after the claiming goes live, so don’t sleep on it.

Exclusive Merchandise

With each comic drop, we’ll also be releasing a range of exciting new merchandise that will help you to immerse yourself within the developing storylines. We’re also matching some of these things up with the comic cover variations, and allowing purchasable items to match the rarity of the comics held at that time. So it won’t just be your comic that could be ultra-rare.

We’re all about sharing the successes, so there will be a range of merchandise items made available to Cool Cats enthusiasts that don’t hold any NFTs. We want everybody to enjoy this.

Access to further drops

As we mentioned, we’re not just doing a single comic book. Access to the future comics is only available to holders of subsequent comics within that series. So, you’d be better off holding on to your comics for the time being, and saving up some MILK for the next one.

Series-end Burn

This one is mysterious, but super exciting.

Comic books are collectibles, and we want people to strive towards a complete set. Everyone that does that will be offered a chance to burn their collection to redeem an exclusive reward.

We’re not going to tell you what this is just yet, but you should consider collecting the set in order to find out.

The start of a chapter

In terms of providing you with the relevant information, that covers it. Naturally, if you find yourself burning with curiosity, you’re welcome to reach out to one of our team members to ask any questions.

We’re excited to share this new stage of our journey with you. As we set sail onto the seas of storytelling, who knows what might be lurking ahead?


Here’s a little TL;DR covering the key points.

General Details

  • Comics will be available to Cat/Pet holders only.
  • A readable version of the Comics will be indefinitely available on the website to Cat/Pet holders.
  • Each Comic will come with an animated version, which you can watch on our Youtube channel.
  • There are 5 different rarities, and SOME utilities match the rarity of your comic.
  • We’re hoping to use this Comic series to propel us into more animated content.
  • Comics will cost a predetermined value of MILK, with holders only needing ETH for gas fees.
  • Holders will be able to claim a physical version of the copy within 30 days of the reveal.
  • Other utilities will include exclusive merchandise, and access to subsequent drops within the series.

Important Information

Please note, this information is subject to change — so keep an eye out on here and on Discord for updates.

Wen Mint: 9/21/2022
Wen Reveal: 9/28/2022
Wen Video: 9/28/2022
Claiming Goes Live: 10/6/2022
Cost: 75,000 $MILK
Mint Size: 2500 (125 for giveaways)

P.S. Pet holders!! We took a snapshot on 9/1. More details soon!