Giving Away Lucky Cat — Holders Only Competition

As you might have seen or heard, the entire (9,999) Cool Cats collection feature 9 very rare Cool Cats, one of which (upside down cat) went for a hefty 5 ETH to this guy shortly after we launched on July 1 — we have since seen the price of Cool Cats skyrocket to a floor price ranging between .3 — .4 ETH, seeing some exotics go from the 10–15 ETH range!

To give you some background as to how we ended up obtaining both Lucky cat and Demon cat, shortly after we launched Cool Cats and minting went live, we pivoted the price point from 0.06 ETH to 0.02 ETH per mint. The community spoke, we listened, we sold out. Thanks community (and special thanks to Cole as well!)

In an effort to make sure we could make it up to the people who had already spent 0.06 ETH on their cats, we (the team) bought close to 800 cats in order do distribute Cool Cats or ETH (buyers choice) back to the original buyers.

During that process — we goofily happened to acquire two of the unknown Cool Cats that were intended to be minted directly to the community. And as we are community first, it’s our job to get these Cool Cats into the hands of the community.

We’re kicking off the first of our two unknown cat giveaways by giving back the one and only ‘Lucky’ #4695!!

Competition Rules (Holders Only)

Competition Start Date: July 9th | Competition End Date: July 15th

  • Make your twitter profile picture a Cool Cat (must be a cool cat you own! and DON’T change it until the end of the competition)
  • Drop a comment HERE with the Cool Cat ID # of your profile picture
  • If the grand prize winner does not contact us within 48 hours of winning, the Lucky cat will go to the first runner up.

Competition Prizes

  • 1 grand prize winner will win the ‘Lucky’ unknown Cool Cat!
  • 2 runners up will receive a random Cool Cat

Competition Winner Selection Process

On July 16th, 1 PM EST we will live stream on Twitch the winner selection process using this cool wheel — winners will also be announced on Twitter and Discord.

That’s it! Easy right? We think so too.

Hop in the if you have any questions, and we’ll catch you Cool Cats later!



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