Introducing: Cool Cats FC

Cool Cats
4 min readNov 18, 2022

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Important Details:

  • Cool Cats, Animoca Brands, and OneFootball Labs have partnered to release an NFT collection alongside the world’s largest football event
  • The collection has 4,000 Dynamic NFTs that evolve as the national teams advance throughout the tournament, while offering an opportunity for holders to earn from a wide range of rewards including IRL experiences, merch, and NFTs

Allowlist Mint

  • Cool Cats Holders: Nov 17, 5PM to 5AM (+1)(ET) (1,000 spots, first-come, first-served) (All spots have now been filled)
  • Partner Projects: Nov 18, 5AM to 5PM (ET) (300 spots, guaranteed mint)
  • Cool Pets Holders: Nov 18, 5PM to 5AM (+1)(ET) (600 spots, first-come, first-served)
  • Allowlist mint price: 0.069 ETH

Public Mint

  • Mint window: Nov 19, 10AM to 10PM ET
  • Public mint price: 0.1 ETH

— —

Introducing… Cool Cats FC!

The world’s largest football tournament is just around the corner, and we’re excited to be joining in on the fun by partnering with Animoca Brands and OneFootball Labs to bring you Cool Cats FC (CCFC).

This collection of 4,000 Dynamic NFTs has been developed to run alongside this global sporting event, offering an interactive experience for sports fans and Blue Cat enthusiasts everywhere. This collection utilizes the strength of our new partners, and gives us a unique opportunity to extend our reach in exciting new ways.

— —

There are two ways to play with Cool Cats FC:

Method 1: Hold’Em (for CCFC holders)

To participate in “Hold’Em” or “Hold to Win”, you must hold at least one CCFC NFT. As the national team associated with the NFT advances through the rounds of the football tournament, your NFT will evolve and your eligibility for rewards keeps getting better.

CCFC NFTs are designed to transform alongside the 32 teams involved, as they make their way through these stages of the tournament. Upon mint, the NFTs will be randomly allocated a team, for which the art and metadata will update as that team proceeds through the tournament stages.

For example, if a team advances from the Group stage to the Round of 16 stage, the NFTs corresponding to that team will change. In the case of CCFC, this change refers to the border, and the number of stars at the top. As you can see here:

This means that you’re not buying a static NFT, and each CCFC NFT has a chance to become even more rare as the tournament progresses, giving you all the more reason to hold on to what you have, or search for something better.

With each progressive change in these Dynamic NFTs comes more opportunity for rewards. That’s right, the CCFC NFT collection is stacked with rewards for those involved. More on rewards below…

Method 2: Pick’Em (for everyone, including non-holders)

Everyone is invited to join the Cool Cats Discord server to participate in CCFC related community events — which come with great rewards. Everyday during the tournament, our community team will run a “Pick to Win” poll based on a selected marquee match that day. Voters of the winning team will have a chance to get a free CCFC NFT.

— —

Holder Rewards:

As the teams advance to each stage of the tournament, holders of those teams’ NFTs will have a chance to earn better and better rewards, as outlined below.

For example, when your team advances from Semi-finals to Finals, you have a chance to earn Clon-signed limited-edition Cool Cats x OneFootball jerseys, Clon’s Doodle footballs, a personalized video message from a player or a Cool Pets NFT.

If your team becomes the ultimate champion, you have a chance at earning a CCFC championship jersey, a Cool Cat NFT, or even a once-in-a-lifetime multi-day football experience (trust us, you’ll want this one).

Not holding the winning team?

Fear not — we got you covered. Everyone who is holding a CCFC NFT at the end of the tournament will get a chance to earn one of the following rewards:

  • 10 x Clon Doodle Footballs
  • 5 x Cool Pets NFTs
  • 5 x Cool Cats NFTs

Collectors Challenge:

We’ve also set a little challenge for all CCFC holders that doesn’t depend on any teams proceeding through the tournament rankings. Collectors will be rewarded for gathering a certain number of unique teams from the CCFC collection. Rewards vary depending on the number of teams collected:

  • 4 teams — Limited Edition Cool Cats x OneFootball Jersey
  • 8 teams — Clon Signed, Limited Edition Cool Cats x OneFootball Jersey
  • 16 teams — Clon Doodle Football
  • 32 teams — Cool Cats NFT (up to 3 winners)

What are you waiting for? LFGoooaaaalll!!