Pets: Delayed Until Jan. 31st

Cool Cats
3 min readJan 26, 2022

As many of you are already aware, OpenSea users have had challenges with a cancel issue for some time, wherein tokens are being sold at previously listed prices even after the tokens have been delisted. This isn’t new news, and we’ve taken it into account while coding out our system for Cool Pets. But the way it affected some Bored Apes users earlier this week shone a much brighter light on it than previously.

And while we’re glad to see that OpenSea is working to remedy the situation, what happened brought us to the question that’s always at the top of our list: are we ensuring the safety of our community, especially during times when people’s resources (time, money, support) are heavily committed to something we’re doing?

With that in mind, we reexamined the Cool Pets code and found an issue that we believe could negatively impact Pets minting. So, we’ve decided on a few courses of action:

1) We have removed some code related to Opensea that we think exposes our people to the known vulnerability.

2) We are running a full battery of tests on every aspect of our system to ensure that the change in code doesn’t negatively impact the Cool Pets experience or create unforeseen risks for holders.

Sadly, this does mean that our timeline for launching Cool Pets must be pushed back by two days, to allow for the testing. This means Cool Pets will now be launching on Monday the 31st. You can find more specific details on mint times below.

We fully understand that delays like this, so close to launch, and after everyone has been waiting so long, are extremely frustrating. We’re very sorry for that–keeping our commitments to our community is incredibly important to us, and we never want to make you feel you’ve been let down. But, we owe it to the Cool Cats community to do our due diligence to ensure a smooth minting process. We feel it is irresponsible for us to do anything different.

We know this will elicit a strong response from many of you. If you DM us, we’ll work through those messages as soon as we’re through the launch. But please be kind to the Cool Cats team. Flooding the team with DMs only slows them down as we move towards launch.

We’ll continue communicating throughout the weekend via the Cool Cats socials and in our Discord. In the meantime, below please find a collection of some key information that many people have been asking about. And we are continuing to update our gitbook, so check there for ongoing updates about Cool Pets and Cooltopia, including details on MILK tokens.


The Cool Cats Founders


31st: Cool Cats claiming starts at 10 am EST — runs forever

31st/1st: Allow List minting starts at 11 am EST — runs for 24 hrs

1st: 2 hours of rest for the staff

1st: Public Minting starts at 1pm EST


This will be live by Friday! To find out whether or not you have an Allowlist spot, please go to and click the Connect button. Users with an address on the Allowlist are able to mint 1 Pet Egg once Minting begins.

Where did you win the giveaway from?

  1. If you won from a project giveaway, please contact the project to confirm your address was properly added. They can contact the Cool Cats team if needed by emailing us
  2. If you won from one of the Twitter Spaces giveaways (Nate Rivers or Farokh/Rug Radio), please confirm with them your address was properly added. They can contact the team if needed at
  3. If you won from a Cool Cat giveaway (Winter Wonderland, nominations, team giveaways), please email us at with info on how you won, your Discord or Twitter handle, and your wallet address that you submitted.

Please do not DM individual team members regarding this.

Allowlist Checker will be Live before launch ✅

Tokenomics will be Live before launch ✅

Pet merch will be live before launch ✅