Pumpkin Spook-tacular

So it begins!

As of today, the 20th of October, we’re kicking off our Halloween themed Cool Cats Pumpkin Spook-tacular. This event is open to everyone, not only Cool Cats holders, and all participants will receive an exclusive NFT drop!

The contest runs from the 20th till the end of October.

Your entry needs to be family friendly.

If you can not get your hands on pumpkin, feel free to use a digital one!

The rules are simple

1️ Paint on, or carve, a pumpkin themed around Cool Cats

2️ Submit your entry here (we will also ask for your eth address to drop the NFT after the contest ends)

That’s it!

Feel free to also post your creation on Twitter and tag us (@coolcatsnft) as well.

We will be dropping an exclusive achievement award NFT to all participants, and also showcasing the community entries on our website! (only if you opt in).



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