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2 min readAug 23, 2021


Crack TEPNU’s hidden phrase, once you think you have it. Visit the TEPNU again to find the final code required for submission!

In case you missed it — we announced a very cool collaboration drop last week with TIME, you can check out more details on that over here.

Originally, we planned the Meme competition raffle to include four unique illustrations of the team members reading TIME magazine (pictured below);

but because of the recent birth, and love, of the latest Cool Cat character, TEPNU, we decided to feature him in the drop as well!

Us Cool Cats like puzzles — they’re a good way to spur creative thinking and community engagement — plus, it’s fun to reward the folks who can crack the code. We launched a 72 hour puzzle competition earlier this month that happened to spur the birth of TEPNU, so we decided it just made sense for him to be featured in the next puzzle 🙂

How to Play

1. Gather Clues

Each of the four founder TIME pieces will include clues in their description that relate to locations on the map. (check them out here)

2. Use the map

Use the clues from the description of the four pieces to pin point locations on the map that will give you corresponding symbols.

3. Decode the Symbols & Anagram

Using the symbol alphabet key (key is here), decode the symbols and solve the anagram.

4.Submit the Final Answer

Once you solve the anagram, use this phrase in conjunction with the TEPNU above to find the final CODE.

How to Win

  • Decode the symbols and anagram to come up with the winning phrase
  • Submit the winning code here. The submission form will be open for 48 hours, from 1PM EST, Aug. 27th to 1PM EST Aug. 29th
  • All correct answers will be entered in the raffle to win 1 of 100 TEPNU pieces
  • Anyone can participate, owning a Cool Cat is not required!

Good luck!!



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