TIME x Cool Cats

Cool Cats
3 min readAug 13, 2021

Wow, what a crazy TIME to be alive. We are honored and privileged to announce a limited edition drop with one of the most iconic and well-respected companies out there, TIME magazine!

The president of TIME, Keith Grossman, likes the cats so much that he suggested we do a collaboration together! As Keith mentioned in this tweet — cats have been in TIME’s DNA!

The collaboration pieces

Being TIME, we had to create something that showcases the TIME front cover. What better way to do that than with the four founder Cats:

There will be a total of 400 pieces minted:

  • 100 x Elu’s cat
  • 100 x Clons’ cat
  • 100 x Xtremetom’s cat
  • 100 x Lynoid’s cat

Meme competition

We love seeing the community getting creative and we want to extend that creativity into this historic collaboration with a Cool Cats and TIME orientated meme competition!

How does it work?

The collaboration partners will pick what they believe to be the best 8 memes. Those winners will each be guaranteed a randomly selected collaboration NFT from the four shown above

The remaining 392 collaboration pieces will be raffled off to Cool Cat holders who entered.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter. However, only the first 8 can be won by anyone — Cool Cat holder or not.

The remaining 392 pieces can only be won by Cool Cat holders.

Submitting your entry

Please submit your meme to the Twitter competition thread and make sure to include the following hashtag #CoolCatsTIME

If you are a Cool Cat holder, make sure to include the id of a Cat you hold by using the following format: CC1234


Competition dates

Start: Friday 13th August

Closes: 12pm EST Friday 20th August

Prize drop: Depends on verifying winners

Competition rules

  1. Cool Cats and TIME orientated
  2. All entries must be family-friendly, if you wouldn’t show a five-year-old your meme, please don’t submit it
  3. No hate speech
  4. No fudding
  5. No religious themes
  6. No political themes
  7. Keep things fun and creative

Distributing Prizes

The best 8 memes will be guaranteed a random NFT from the collection.

The remaining valid participants will be entered into a raffle and 392 of them will be selected at random. Once each winner has been verified as a Cool Cats owner, they will all receive a random NFT from the collection.

Polygon or Ethereum?

Ideally, we would drop these pieces on Polygon. However, in light of recent events the security of Polygon has come into question. As such the team is discussing the best course of action for future drops. This is an ongoing discussion.