Cool Cats

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Artist Spotlight Volume 1 🔦

The collaboration pieces

Cool Cats Non-exclusive License

The Schedule

  1. August 7th 3:00pm EST — First clue drops. Tweet Here.
  2. August 7th 8:00pm EST — Second clue drops. Tweet Here.
  3. August 8th 3:00pm EST — Third clue drops. Tweet Here.
  4. August 8th 8:00pm EST — Fourth clue drops. Tweet Here.

Competition Dates

How to enter?

  1. Draw your best Cool Cat
  2. Post your cat in this Twitter thread


How are winners chosen?

Competition Dates

How to Enter:

  1. Change your Twitter profile picture to a Cool Cat that you own (YOU HAVE TO OWN IT)
  2. Drop the Opensea link of the same Cool Cat in this Twitter thread
  3. Retweet the Twitter thread
  4. Do not change your Twitter profile picture for the duration…


👩‍⚖️👇AUCTION INFO👇👩‍⚖️

Polygon and Ethereum Network

Why Polygon Network?

Cool Cats

The Coolest Cats on the blockchain

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